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Vinay Maasthi

Recruitment Consultant

Vinay Maasthi

About Vinay

​Vinay has more than 12 years of experience as a highly skilled human resource professional working for top engineering services and information technology firms in India. He has a proven track record in recruitment and HR business partnerships as well as significant expertise & knowledge from a variety of sectors.

Vinay enjoys playing cricket, badminton, and swimming among other sports. He has developed a keen interest in continuing and playing the sports among the Indian community since moving to Ireland.

Vinay started his career in human resources at iGATE Global Solutions LTD (now Capgemini) as an associate HR to gain operational knowledge. He was later transferred to the business unit in Mumbai to manage the 700+ staff strength as an HR Business Partner. He has extensive recruiting knowledge from working for numerous organizations in India in a variety of industries. Vinay left India after 12 years, taking his experience with him, and joined his family in Limerick. He rapidly became accustomed to the way of life and culture of Ireland, where he spent almost a full year working in customer assistance. He secured a position as a Talent Resourcer at Elite Talent Hub by being proactive and networking. In February of 2024, Vinay was promoted to Recruitment Consultant, reflecting his strong work ethic and dedication.

Vinay is aware of the importance of selecting the right candidate for a position and what it takes to make the finest HR decisions. He has a keen eye for matching job seekers with prospective employers. Vinay is aware of the difference a resourceful, driven, and enthusiastic recruiter can make in ensuring that a company has access to the best candidates on the market.

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