Get a Work Permit in Ireland

Get a Work Permit in Ireland

3 months ago

by Annemarie Schiemann

Find a Job in Ireland

Elite Talent Hub is delighted to announce a significant collaboration with Work Permit Solutions, marking the convergence of two powerhouse services targeted towards helping jobseekers find employment in Ireland.

Redefining Irish Employment Opportunities

Together, Work Permit Solutions and Elite Talent Hub can leverage their collective expertise in recruitment, immigration, and employment permits to redefine the hiring process in Ireland. This partnership will involve Elite Talent Hub taking the reins in recruiting, while Work Permit Solutions obtains the necessary permits and visas required to employ a viable candidate.

Get a Work Permit

Founded by Aaron Daly, long-time friend and business partner of Elite Talent Hub’s founder Sean Savicic, Work Permit Solutions is an AI-powered immigration and employment solutions service for both commercial clients and prospective candidates. Work Permit Solutions simplifies the immigration process by reducing hassle for employees and employers alike.

Work Permit Solutions offer a variety of different services:

  • Critical Skills Employment Permits

  • General Employment Permits

  • Immigration Consultations -candidates

  • Change of Application Status

  • EU Treaty Rights

  • Family Reunification Applications

  • Section 3 of the Immigration Act 1999

  • Stamps, Permissions & Visas Explained

  • Company & Business Audits

Work Permit Processing Time

From the initial consultation appointment to the final decision from the government, Work Permit Solutions estimates a general total processing time of 8-12 weeks depending on the service. Entry Visa Applications and Employment Permit processing take an estimated 4 weeks.

How can you get a Work Permit with Work Permit Solutions?

You can contact Aaron and the Work Permit Solutions team directly at info@workpermitsolutions.comor visit Work Permit Solution's webpage here.

Find a Job Faster

The result of this collaboration is an efficient, groundbreaking 360-degree staffing solution poised to revolutionize the way Irish and EU companies approach their workforce strategies.

For our valued clients and candidates, this partnership promises an unprecedented perspective of the Irish job market: fewer barriers and more bridges to success. Stay tuned as we embark on this exciting new chapter together!

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