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As of April 2024, Elite Talent Hub's Middle East branch, located in Nad Al Sheba, Dubai, is officially in operation. Our Middle East branch operates within the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar.


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Construction & Engineering

With vast oil and gas and rail industries, as well as high FDI, advancements in construction technology, and a push for sustainable construction, the Middle East offers untapped opportunity for jobseekers. Employers can utilise Elite Talent Hub to source expatriate civil, electrical and mechanical engineers as well as construction workers to fill the gap.​

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Healthcare Sector

Similarly, the healthcare sector is booming with world-class advances in AI and digital health solutions. The rapid population growth has increased the need for healthcare professionals in both private and public clinics. At the moment, the demand for healthcare professionals outweighs supply, meaning the need for creative recruitment strategies is greater than ever.

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Commercial & Business

Commercial professions in business, IT, real estate, and hospitality are in deficit particularly in the energy and e-commerce sectors. ​As a global recruitment supplier with an international talent pool, Elite Talent Hub is well positioned to support the business sector in the Middle East and across Europe.

​Working in the Middle East

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    Career Opportunities

    ​Cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi offer unmatched prospects, especially in flourishing fields like construction, engineering, and medicine. Regardless of your profession, the Middle East presents boundless opportunities for career growth and advancement.

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    Tax-Free Income

    The Middle East is know for its attractive tax-free environment, where individuals typically do not pay income tax. Individuals who work in key cities within the UAE or Saudi Arabia for example have greater opportunity to maximise their take-home income.

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    The Middle East boasts extensive air transport capacity, advanced road infrastructure, robust port facilities, and continually expanding digital and telecommunication networks. These elements collectively support the evolution into a hub for the knowledge economy.

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    Safety & Security

    In 2024, Abu Dhabi was ranked the safest city in the world, with Doha in 3rd place, Ajman in 4th, and Dubai in 5th. Extremely low crime rates make these cities attractive for singles and families alike.

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    Global Exposure

    The UAE's expat population is around 88%, offering countless opportunities for cultural exchange, networking, and professional collaboration on a global scale. Working in the Middle East exposes individuals to a melting pot of perspectives.

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