Become a Nurse in Ireland

Become a Nurse in Ireland

about 2 months ago

by Annemarie Schiemann

​Are you a nurse outside the EU looking to work in Ireland?

With demand for nurses in Ireland greatly outnumbering supply, nursing in Ireland is a promising career path for international candidates. In this article, we’ve simplified the application process for you! ​Note that if your nursing education took place in a non-English speaking country, you need to be prepared to demonstrate English proficiency through the IELTS or OET exam during the second stage of the process.

1. First stage: Qualification Recognition Process

Go to MyNMBI and register. Complete your personal details and submit your identification documents. You will need to pay a €350 recognition fee. Upon review of your details, you will receive an email informing you that your qualifications have been either successfully recognised or provisionally refused.

2. Second stage: The Registration Process

Submit the next round of required documentation, including evidence of English language proficiency. You will need to pay a €145 registration fee. You will then receive your provisional registration decision, otherwise known as the “The Decision Letter” via email, and you must either accept or appeal the decision. You may be required to complete further compensation measures upon arriving in Ireland.

3. Third stage: Find Employment

Scenario 1: No additional compensation measure needed: Utilise Elite Talent Hub to help you find employment as a nurse in Ireland. You can browse job openings here:

Scenario 2: Additional compensation measure needed: Our advice is to work in a support role such as a healthcare assistant role in Ireland while you complete the rest of the NMBI process. Often, your employer will help you pay your RCSI fee. You can use Elite Talent Hub to help you find such a role!

4. Fourth stage: Preparation for your Move

Apply for the necessary visas and prepare your travel arrangements. Ensure you have a robust plan in place for housing as Ireland is in the midst of a housing crisis; we can help advise you on how to find housing! You can start your search at or

5. Fifth stage: Arrive in Ireland

Complete your additional compensation if needed. The compensation measure can be either sitting and passing the RCSI Aptitude Test, which costs about €2,300, or completing a period of adaptation within a recognised Irish hospital. After completion you will receive a NMBI registration pin which officially recognises you as a nurse in Ireland!

Start the process now:

By following the above stages and utilising Elite Talent Hub to source opportunities, international nurses can embark on a fulfilling nursing career in Ireland!

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