Short-term Hiring Solutions to Addressing the Engineering Skill Shortage in Ireland

Short-term Hiring Solutions to Addressing the Engineering Skill Shortage in Ireland

15 days ago

by Annemarie Schiemann

​The shrinking pool of engineering professionals has created significant obstacles within Ireland, delaying critical projects and creating operational challenges.

Full employment has added additional pressure to employers by granting candidates more leverage. While long-term political strategies such as investment in higher education are crucial, employers must explore short-term solutions to meet immediate workforce needs.

Here are seven ways managers can act decisively:

Address Housing Barriers: Providing weeks or even months of subsidized or fully paid housing for international candidates has become increasingly standard practice in Ireland to assist recruits while they find permanent housing.

Tailored Training Initiatives for Graduates: Launch intensive training programs specifically crafted for recent engineering graduates. These initiatives are designed to enhance their skills, familiarize them with your company and provide quick relief for workforce deficiencies.

Sponsorship Opportunities for Non-EU Nationals: Simplify the immigration process by providing sponsorship opportunities for non-EU engineers. Streamlining visa procedures demonstrates commitment to diversity and facilitates the integration of global talent. Consider a partnership with an agency such as Work Permit Solutions to outsource permit organisation. View engineering professions eligible for the Critical Skills work permit here.

Strategic Partnerships with Industry Associations: Collaborate with esteemed organizations like the Association of Consulting Engineers of Ireland (ACEI) or Engineers Ireland. Membership offers valuable perks such as networking opportunities, advice on best practices and promotional avenues.

International Recruitment Campaigns & Events: Stand out by deploying creative recruitment marketing campaigns aimed at both local and international audiences. These campaigns should spotlight Ireland's vibrant engineering opportunities, enticing top talent from around the globe. Extend your reach by organizing recruitment events in key engineering hubs worldwide, targeting major universities and industry hotspots.

Enhanced Signing Bonuses and Incentives: Attract top-tier engineers by reviewing your existing incentive and benefit packages and ensuring they are competitive. Generous signing bonuses and enticing perks are one of the quickest ways to tip the scales in your favour.

Collaboration with Recruitment Agencies: Partnering with a reputable recruitment agency like Elite Talent Hub can streamline the entire process. From talent scouting to recruitment events and marketing, Elite Talent Hub can help with every aspect, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business. Contact us here.

These immediate measures offer tangible steps towards alleviating Ireland's engineering talent shortage. By combining short-term solutions with a long-term vision, we can build a robust and resilient workforce that propels Ireland's engineering sector to new heights of success.

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