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Anna Mazeika

HR & Recruitment Executive

Anna Mazeika

About Anna

​Anna brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role in HR and Recruitment, having accumulated over 18 years in administration, HR, negotiation, and sales across various industries. Anna's career trajectory reflects a strong foundation in daily office management, specializing in Recruitment and Selection, Onboarding, Training Administration, and Strategic Planning.

In her current role as an HR & Recruitment Specialist at Elite Talent Hub, Anna leverages her extensive experience to strategically focus on talent acquisition strategies, managing streamlined policies and procedures, and implementing efficient HR systems. Her proficiency extends to shortlisting, conducting interviews, and ensuring seamless employee transitions while staying abreast of current employment regulations.

Beyond her professional dedication, Anna finds fulfilment in playing the piano, exploring psychology through literature, and actively engaging in community service. Her commitment to volunteer initiatives underscores her dedication to making a positive impact beyond her professional endeavours.

Anna's earlier roles at Serosep Ltd and LBS PARTNERS highlighted her proficiency in leading recruitment strategies, managing HR systems, and championing employee wellness programs. Her comprehensive skill set includes training administration, technical support during online sessions, and handling sensitive information with precision and discretion.

Anna recognizes the significance of making insightful recruitment decisions for both businesses and applicants. Her extensive experience managing sensitive information and orchestrating successful recruitment campaigns underscores her ability to align top-tier talent with the best-suited opportunities.

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