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Brian Doyle

Trainee Recruitment Consultant

Brian Doyle

About Brian

​Meet Brian, a dedicated and ambitious Junior Recruitment Consultant specializing in engineering roles on both national and international fronts. Currently pursuing a degree in Human Resources, Brian combines his academic prowess with a rich background of over a decade in hospitality and various customer-facing positions.

In his extensive journey through customer-centric roles, Brian has honed essential skills such as effective communication, interpersonal finesse, and a keen understanding of client and candidate needs. Leveraging this experience, he has seamlessly transitioned into the dynamic realm of recruitment, with a specific focus on engineering talent.

Brian's passion for bringing people together extends beyond the professional arena. As a home cook and baker, he thrives on the precision and creativity that go hand-in-hand with culinary arts. This same dedication and attention to detail are reflected in his approach to recruitment, where he strives to match top-tier engineering professionals with opportunities that align with their skills and ambitions.

With a decade-long foundation in customer service and a burgeoning career in recruitment, Brian offers a unique blend of interpersonal skills, industry knowledge, and a passion for fostering meaningful connections. Whether in the kitchen or navigating the complex landscape of engineering recruitment, Brian brings a distinct blend of experience and enthusiasm to every aspect of his professional and personal life.

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